Introducing our newest collaboration with Rastaclat: a limited-edition Camping Collection that celebrates the healing elements of nature.

Whether riding concrete waves or surfing couches, Poler Stuff and Rastaclat share skateboarding roots and the ethos of spreading good vibes within and around our communities.


Rooted in a mutual love for promoting positivity and prioritizing mental health, it was only natural to team up with Rastaclat, a purveyor of positivity. The camping collection is designed in an exclusive floral camo pattern, celebrating the connection between the city space and the great outdoors.

Through purpose-built products with an emphasis on function and design, our collab with Rastaclat offers quick camping escapades and easy access to nature-based adventures to escape city noise and stress, and refuel and replenish the mind, body and soul.

rastclat x poler bracelet

Let this braided bracelet be your daily reminder to Seek the Positive, get outside and be your best self indoors & outdoors. Nature nurtures, don't you forget it.

Rastaclat x poler hammock

Our packable hammock had been reimagined with the Rastaclat x Poler foliage print to be even more convenient and comfortable for when sleeping on the ground is just... well, beneath you.

rastaclat x poler 2+ person tent

Everything you love about our classic, easy to use shelter complimented by a calming foliage print that soothes the soul & refreshes your mental stamina.

about rastaclat

Founded by Daniel Kasidi as a symbol of positivity, Rastaclat has built premium bracelets, accessories, and clothing that inspire others to Seek the Positive. While it has always been Kasidi’s personal vision, the company is the vehicle to spread the message of positivity and mental health to the world.

Rastaclat is also parent to Seek The Positive foundation, which is dedicated to impacting humankind through service, charitable grants, and awareness to causes focused on equality and personal development.