about the collab
jeff staple

We have partnered with the streetwear extraordinaire Jeff Staple and his amazing design team, RAD, to bring you a product capsule that blends the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest with the urban vibe of New York City.

Jeff is a creative visionary with work encompassing graphic design,
fashion and footwear design, and brand marketing. Jeff founded Staple in 1997, the New York based pioneering streetwear brand with the now infamous “Pigeon” logo.

We collaborated with Jeff to create a collection with a vibrant color palette that includes Poler’s key camping products and a selection of apparel with the goal to entice the most aggressive outdoorsman to the biggest urban style king.

thermo print

It’s all in the details. Our signature collab Thermo Print combined with our soft fleece fabric are equipped with the warmth and durability for wherever your adventure in the city or in the great outdoors may take you.